Noah and Zibing's Birthday Party

Today we had a joint birthday party for Noah and Zibing.

There were about 30 people here, but since we had it in our backyard, Zibing seemed to feel very comfortable the entire time - even allowing some people to hold her for the first time.

We had a swinging and...

...sand-filled good time.

And no presents. Yes, that's right NO presents. The invitations requested our guests just come celebrate our precious children with us - because our children need new toys like they need holes in the head! Zibing, of course, just thought we were having a big playdate and didn't know she was missing out on anything. Noah was mostly o.k. with the no presents thing, and understood the reasoning in his very grown-up, just-turned-6 way. Of course it didn't hurt that he did receive presents from mama and daddy, and grandparents, and aunts and uncles on his actual birthday the day before!

One funny story that I just have to share from the party:
This picture below would have been a whole lot funnier if I could have taken it about 10 seconds earlier, and caught the boys in the act. See, this is my non-sweets-loving Noah sitting by his buddy Benjamin. Benjamin apparently does love sweets. So what is a true friend to do in a situation like that??? Well, Benjamin stepped up to the plate, made the sacrifice and scraped all the icing off Noah's cake with his fingers. "Noah said he didn't want the icing!" It was too cute!


  1. We had a great time at the party! Thanks for inviting us :) I also appreciated the no gift request. We purposely do not have birthday parties for our kids because I do not like the obligation to buy that it puts on the guest. We do a special meal at home with the kids and we give them a gift from mommy and daddy, but that is it (of course they are little still - this may change one day). Because there were no gifts at your party, Arin was able to go and have a grand time and she didn't think she was missing out on anything when it is her birthday. See, you didn't know you were going to be helping us too, did you?? Arin has been talking about how much fun she had at your house on several occassions today!

  2. Awww, I'm so glad she had fun, Cara! And I'm so glad that all four of you were able to come!

    AND, I'm so glad that our no-gift policy is helping you out too! Win-win situation - the best kind!

  3. We did the no gift thing for Levi's birthday, and we loved it. Some people did bring gifts, and we did give him a give (nothing huge, mind you), but it was still a wonderful time. I think we will do a no gift policy from now on. It makes it so much less stressful for all involved.



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