Lily Kay and Elisabeth's Choir

Very shortly after we arrived here in CO, I connected with my sister-in-law's best friend Carmen, a homeschooling mom who gives private voice lessons and had recently started up a homeschool choir.

Elisabeth loves to sing...and loves to perform.  Lily Kay loves to sing...and doesn't love to perform.  I thought they both needed to be involved.

Turn on any Contemporary Christian song and Lily Kay knows it word-for-word, and note-for-note.  She is really amazing.  Just yesterday, we were looking back at pictures of our trip to China to bring LK home, and saw her sitting watching and listening to a Mei Mei video.  She was mesmerized, and was soon singing along with all the songs perfectly.  I thought she just knew already knew the songs from her orphanage, but now we know that she just learned them all super-fast, after watching the video only a time or two on the trip.  She truly has a gift for this!

At the end of the fall season of choir, Carmen's student joined with some other choir students and had a recital.

This is how sweet LK poses when left to her own devices:

And here is how she poses when her big sister gets a hold of her:

The choir sang:

There's a Song in the Air

Silent Night (in German, Spanish, Russian and English)

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Feliz Navidad

Let It Snow

With their choir director - Carmen

E with her precious friend, Milly (Milly has 8 siblings!)

Over the next couple of weeks following the recital, Carmen scheduled her students (and a couple of their moms who sing great! (notice I'm not in there)) to sing at two different nursing homes.

Here is the group at the first nursing home:

Here is the second nursing home:

Jason's Grandfather spent his last three years at this (beautiful!) home.

After the performances at the homes, the students (and the rest of us family members that were in attendance) were encouraged to walk around and visit with residents.  This is so very out of this introvert's comfort zone, but we all did it.

The residents were more diverse at the second nursing home.  When I thought about it later, I realized that the resident the girls made a beeline to visit was an Asian woman.  And G had gone to visit a black man.  I find this very interesting.

In some many ways and for so many reasons this whole choir experience was a great one!   They will definitely be continuing with this when it starts back up here soon.

AND....after watching all three performances, G is dying to get involved too!  Carmen says to bring him on...we'll see how this goes!

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