Lauren and For King & Country

We recently were blessed to attend a concert with Lauren Daigle and For King & Country.

To be honest, I was more looking forward to Lauren Daigle.  I knew the name For King & Country, but couldn’t have told you what they sing.  After we purchased our tickets, we watched a bunch of youtube videos and realized time and again, “Hey, we know that song!  and “I like that song, I didn’t know they sing that!” 

It turned out that Lauren was the opening act.  She sings beautifully, and she did great.  But she just stands there…singing.   And then I was disappointed when she left after only singing a few songs. 

But not for long, because then…..the real show started!

Wow!  Does For King & Country ever know how to put on a show!  These two brothers from Australia are great showmen!  I really believe it was the best concert I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a few: Janet Jackson, Back Street Boys, Milli Vanilli!!!, Michael Bolton, George Strait….who could beat those?!?)

They started with their rendition of Drummer Boy.  And my little Drummer boy sat in my lap, simply mesmerized! 

Another song they played that night that we *love* is Baby Boy:

But it turns out we love all their songs!

It’s Not Over Yet



And it is precious to hear Abigail going around the house yelling, "Ceasefire!!"


After we bought tickets, Jas ended up being in CA that whole week and missed the concert, so we took our (13yo) friend Jadyn with us instead.

One of the wonderful things about going to concerts for Christian artists is that you are surrounded by....Christians.  A precious family with 11 children sat in front of us.  And a sweet homeschooling family with 3 children sat right beside us.  They fell in love with A, and the feeling was mutual.

In fact, she sat in the 17yo daughter's lap for a while:

Here is a video I captured early one morning (before everyone else was up) a few days after the concert, when G and A were constantly going around singing and asking for Drummer Boy (A calls the song "Rock a Poc Poc"):

We highly recommend you see For King & Country if you ever have the chance!

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