Miscellany Monday - July 25, 2016

I'm feeling the need to dump some pictures off my phone and camera.  

These make my heart smile.

Sometimes...when you live in the deep south where the heat index has been (way) over 100 degrees....

...you do your chicken chores dressed like this....

...and then you go jump in the pool!

As Noah worked on some school work on the computer back in our master bedroom, he heard a big thud.  This is what ran into our window:

It apparently was ok (thankfully)...it flew off after a couple of minutes.


Thankfully this happened on Saturday, which meant that daddy was here:

He doesn't look too upset in that first one, does he?

Well, it didn't last long.

I so wish I had taken an "after" photo, when he was smiling big again.  

It took Jas approximately 2 seconds to pop my big vase off G's arm...which only confirms my conviction that Jas can do anything.  And do it well.


You can always tell when Noah was in charge of getting the two youngest dressed for the day:

He loves those babies something fierce!


We had a Family Fellowship Supper at church last night.  So much fun!  The church provides meat and drinks, we all bring sides/salads/desserts.  

Elisabeth brought these yummy sweets that have become a go-to recipe lately:

These little gems only have four ingredients.


Banana, peanut butter, cocoa, honey

And then sometimes we add walnuts to the top, so that would be five.

HERE is the recipe for FUDGY MUFFINS.


This is what A's hair currently looks like....

...and I personally think it is so cute!

These are box braids.  I haven't counted, but I would guess 25-35 of them.  It took me 4 hours total (divided over 3 different sessions).  I decided not to put beads on the ends and just twirl the ends (they hold because her hair is so curly).  The beads weigh her braids down and keep them hanging down straight, so I knew these wouldn't hang down exactly straight, and that it would be ok.  

Now...to see how long they last.  4 hours work that lasts a week is o.k.  4 hours work that only lasts a few days would NOT be o.k.

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