A BigGER Limb

A few weeks ago a large(ish) limb fell off our oak tree in the front yard.  Gabriel was thrilled.  He had so much fun with this thing for days...and then finally finagled a ride with Papa in his tractor, riding from his farm down the road, to come pick up that limb with his "bucket."  

So last week when we pulled back in from our annual beach trip, and there was an even LARGER limb down under that oak tree...G was **ecstatic**!  

In fact, as we all started unloading stuff from the van, G had no time for that.  He headed straight over to that limb, before ever stepping foot in the house:

He took his mighty red wagon with him and began cleaning up.

So thankful this limb was even bigger than the last...

...because the pleasure this boy has received from this limb?  Immeasurable.

And this...

...is something I don't ever want to forget.

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