The State of the (Chicken) Union - November, 2015

We have now officially been chicken-owners for 6 months.

Which means that our chickens are 6 months and a few days old.

We began with 37 chickens.

Two didn't make it out of bitty-hood.

Then we had our first predator-loss.

So we were down to 34 chickens.  And we stayed there for a couple of months.

Now, over the past 3 weeks, we have lost - without a trace - 5 chickens. (Well, we did find some feathers right outside our pasture fence, but that is the only evidence we have seen of any of those missing chickens.)

Right now we own:

Black Austrolorp: 4
Silver-Laced Wyandottes: 5
Light Brahmas: 1 (yikes, they have been hit hard!)
White Plymouth Rock: 4
New Hampshires: 5
Buff Orpingtons: 10

(More in my next chicken post on what we are doing to prevent further losses.)

Enough sad news...now the good news:

We got our first egg last week!

For some reason, the egg - which was actually pretty tiny - looks much larger in this photo

And we have picked up three more since then.  The eggs are pretty small right now, but will continue to get larger as the girls mature.

When we made scrambled eggs with our first two eggs (the bottom two in this picture)...

...it was interesting to compare the color of the yolks to the eggs we bought (the top two).  "They" say that a brighter golden/orange colored yolk does not indicate that the egg is more nutritious.  I have begun to doubt much of what "they" say the past few years.

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