Outtakes and Great Takes from Abigail's 1st Birthday Pictures

With the package that we ordered from Britni we got 15 fully edited pictures.  But Britni took over 400 hundred pictures in the approximately 45 minutes that we were there.  So along with the 15 fully edited pictures, Britni also sent us a disc with all of the rest of the (unedited) pictures that she took.  

Oh, my!  I had such a blast looking through all of them!

First, what is not apparent with a glance through the edited pictures is that it was me, Daniel and Noah that took Abigail to her pictures.  I had planned for the two older girls to accompany Abigail and me, but something changed at the last minute (cannot for the life of me now remember what that was) and it made more sense for the older boys to go with us.  

Things could not have turned out better.  I already know how good my older children are with the two youngest, and how much they all love each other...but WOW!   The boys were so good with A, and were so helpful...and I walked away from the shoot feeling like such a blessed mama!

I loved seeing these unedited photos that show glimpses of the help we had.

Noah is apparently a little camera-shy, so you can't actually see his face in the pictures, but his hands show up in some.

And then sometimes...the big red-headed lady got in on the action...

...leaning in to wipe extra slobber away...or something equally important.

And since there were over 400 hundred pictures, it totally makes sense that some of my favorites might be a little different than Britni's.  

And here are some of the gems that I found just waiting on that disc of unedited pics:

Silly, silly girl:

Love, love this one so very much:

And when it was all said and done, Abigail apparently had bonded so much with Mrs. Britni that she gave her some good lovin':

If you live in our area, I highly recommend Britni.  Not only did we end up with great photographs, but Britni and her lovely assistant (husband Kevin) made the process so fun and easy!

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