Miscellany Monday, August 10, 2015: Piano, Article Love, Granola (!)

August always means it is time to start a new year of piano lessons.

My sweet girls came out dressed alike this day...love them so!

This year it is again Lily Kay and Elisabeth taking lessons.  It is LK's second year of lessons, and Elisabeth's sixth year.

We all love Mrs. Cindy, and she loves us back!  She calls the children "honeys"...as in, "Come here and give me hugs, all you honeys!"

And when that sweet G-man wanted to be in the obligatory "First Day" picture...

....how could we say no?


Mine and Jason's newest obsession:  Downton Abbey.

Yes, we're about 4 years behind.  But we're doing our best to catch up.

Love. this. show!


I have followed and loved Sarah Mackenzie's blog (Amongst Lovely Things) for a couple of years.

And when she posted this a few days ago, I  am pretty sure she wrote it just for me.

And I think I may just need to break down (Oh, how I hate to spend money!) and buy her book!


I love granola!

I haven't had any in almost two years (since starting GAPS), and while I am not still doing strict GAPS, my body is not liking oats right now (yet!).

SOOOOO...when I spotted this Coconut Granola recipe in my new Wellness Mama cookbook, I definitely had to give it a try.  And, WOW - is my family ever glad I gave it a try!

This stuff is good with raw milk.  It is good with homemade coconut milk.  It is good with yogurt.  It is good with kefir cheese and a drizzle of raw honey.  It is good plain.

It is just. plain. good.

We have made (and eaten!) three batches in the past week.  Nuf said.

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