Miscellany Monday - June 8, 2015: Winshape, Swimming, and Chicks

Elisabeth, Daniel and Lily Kay had a great time at Winshape last week.  They came home raving and full of stories every afternoon last week...and very tired.

And for these "unsocialized" (ha!) homeschoolers experiences like this are always interesting.  They come home full-to-the-brim with stories of new friends...and stories about bad behaviors/attitudes they witnessed.  Telling me about conversations they'd had with other children, how they handled diffent situations.  They were shocked, really.  And I'm glad...because they should be.  We had many great conversations, looked up scripture together...and I'm proud and excited about the way these precious children are developing.

Friday was Family Fun day and Noah, Gabriel, Abigail and I got to attend and follow them around to their "skills".

Daniel's skills this year were archery, yard games and soccer.

Lily Kay's skills this year were the same as Daniel, but at different times, so they were never together.

She had yard games, soccer and archery.  I went with her to her soccer skill.  Lily Kay is already very skilled at soccer, and apparently her fellow skill-mates had figured that out already on the previous four days.  As the teams were being decided at the beginning of this session, all the children scootched closer to LK and said, "I want to be on her team!"  Smart kids.

I didn't realize until too late that I didn't snap even one picture of LK when I was with her for her skill.  ARGH!  Bad mama!

Elisabeth's skills this year were musical theater, dance and gymnastics.  We attended her gymnastics class with her.  Thankfully, this was "Family Day" and they encouraged parents/siblings to join in.

Gabriel stretched with the class.

Gabriel has one week of swim lessons under his belt (one hour every afternoon), and one more week to go.

He is doing great!

The chicks are now 4.5 weeks old.  When do you call them pullets and not chicks?  Need to remember to google that....

They are getting bigger and bigger, and we can't wait to get them into the coop instead of the ever-shrinking brooders.

In the meantime, we gave them some outside time over the weekend, in another redneck contraption:

Jas had to use some of the hardware cloth for the coop windows, so we no longer have enough to make a freestanding redneck contraption, we had to use some fence as one of the sides.

See how the chicks are all crammed together at one end to get away from big, bad mama...they still aren't real used to humans, obviously.

We still haven't lost any...yet.  But one is in ICU right now...stay tuned....  (Ugh, NOT my favorite part of owning animals!)

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