I am a procrastinator.

Always have been.  I'm afraid I always will be.

I have just finished something I have been working on for months.

I have several friends who are just beginning (or are about to begin) their GAPS journey.  I have answered many questions and shared many links and recipes.  And I've been trying to put together a "page" here on the blog that brings all those links and resources together in one spot.

I finally finished it.  [phew]

There is now a "GAPS" tab along the top, right under the blog's banner picture.

For those that are interested, the page is full of links to:

1. GAPS resources
2. My posts about our GAPS experience (although I haven't been as faithful about chronicling our journey and progress as I would like)
3. Our favorite GAPS-friendly recipes (from around the web, and here on my blog)
4. Sample Menus of GAPS-friendly fare, including links to actual recipes
5. Where we source some of our bulk ingredients

This is basically a compilation of "Everything I Wish I'd Known 15 Months Ago When We Started GAPS."

I hope someone else finds this info helpful!

1 comment:

  1. Joli - I would love it if you would do a post on how GAPS is going now, what foods you've reintroduced, if the little guy can have dairy, if your behaviorally challenged child is still improved and when you guys expect to be off GAPS and also if you plan to stay off certain foods forever. Thanks.



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