Daniel is Double Digits!

When did our little 2-year old imp turn into a big 10-year old?

He is still very much an imp....

...just bigger now.

We always open cards/presents first thing in the morning, before daddy leaves for work.

Opening homemade cards, the best!

Captain America doesn't look very awake, but he wouldn't have missed this for the world.

For breakfast Daniel got grits (ground up corn, for you non-Southerners)...which they hadn't had since we began GAPS over a year ago.

Daniel D loves grits - as evidenced by the above picture.  You can tell because he is actually smiling and not making a crazy face.  He was mesmerized.

Daniel Crockett had a fabulous day filled with all his favorite things:  legos, time visiting with LaoLao and Papa, and then supper at his choice: a local fresh Mexican place.

And THEN, he and two others got to catch a ride home with our friends who also happened up at the restaurant (thank you, Lord, that the G family was there!).  (Some red-headed mama may have accidentally locked the keys in the Silver Bullet [ahem]).

Daniel thought it was a fun and adventurous way to end a great day.

We now have a key strategically hidden on the Silver Bullet, so this won't happen again.  The kids are worried...but I told them, no, they do not have to worry about anyone wanting to steal our Silver Bullet.

Daniel, you bring such light and laughter to our family, I can't imagine us without you.

We are so glad to be your mama and daddy.  We are so thankful that the Lord matched us up, half a world away.  He knew exactly what He was doing.

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