This post is about Gabriel...our Resident Rascal.

So what are two fish doing in a post about Gabriel?

There were 4 fish.  In a 10-gallon tank.  But the little rascal dumped half a container of fish food in the tank.

There are now two fish.

And the big tank (and rocks, and fake foliage and other assorted decor Noah decided on) are in the process of being cleaned.

AND...the big boys now have a child-proof doorknob cover on the outside of their bedroom door so that no little rascals can get in their room unsupervised.  The older boys love their little rascal very dearly, and are so good with him (Noah didn't even get upset with G for doing this)...they just don't love lego creations being destroyed, and said legos dropped in the fish tank...and half a container of fish food dumped in the tank.  (These are all separate, repeated offenses.  We thought the legos in the tank were bad...we should have realized that food would be worse.)

What are we going to do when Missy is mobile?!?

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  1. I would say Rascals are more mischevious than Princesses, but SJ is proving me wrong ;) I say it's keeping me young!



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