When we first closed on our house in March 2013, I called this section behind the backyard proper the "pasture."  

I was dreaming.

March 2013

It looked nothing like a pasture.

The six of us took down the (falling down anyway) wooden picket fence.

And in February 2014, we had the "pasture" fenced in:

And then in April 2014, my dad drove down on his tractor and tilled up the pasture...

 ...and Jas planted grass seed:

And after a few weeks, it looked like the grass seed wasn't going to take...but then it did!

And on Saturday morning, our pasture looked like this:

A.M., 10/11/14

And then on Saturday evening, our pasture looked like this:
P.M. 10/11/14
Don't see anything different?

Look reeeeeal close back in the left-hand corner...


There are cows in that pasture!

At times I thought this was just never going to happen.

But here they are....

Meet our two Jerseys....T-Bone, and his mama, Chelsea.

I took this through a square in the fence....they weren't letting us get that close at the time.

More to come about our cow adventures soon.....but I'll sign off with these "milky" pictures...


  1. They are cute! So who does the milking?

  2. I'm just going to say, I'm jealous! :) So excited for you guys!



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