2014 Beach Trip

We had such a good time at the beach this summer.

E-11, N-10, D-9, LK-8, G-2
My parents have two weeks at this timeshare, and we are so, so blessed to be able to go each summer!

Here are two shots I captured of the sunrise on two different mornings as I sat out on the balcony:

Absolutely stunning!

We love staying at this little resort...we get to see the same families every year.  Many of them are on their third generation of family members coming to this resort.

There are only 22 units in the resort, and with the v-shape of the building, every unit has a balcony with an ocean-view.  I took this picture from our balcony, overlooking the central courtyard....

....where the children spent MUCH time this year playing soccer, dodge ball and kickball with all the other children at the resort.

Here LK is playing with a high school varsity soccer player.  Other guests stopped me multiple times to tell me how good LK was at soccer and how she was "running circles around all those boys out there!"

G is **just** about to outgrow his pack-n-play...I guess Abigail will get to use it next year!

LaoLao was there with us the first week, and then daddy came and he got to stay for the whole second week (a first!).  We were SO glad he got to stay all week (especially given all that transpired during that week with us getting "the call").

LaoLao and Jas overlapped for a few days, and mom offered to watch the children so Jas and I could go on a date one night....it was wonderful!

When daddy arrived, he also kept the children busy playing.

Also, during that second week when daddy was at the beach with us, we spent some time at night watching Star Wars episodes 4, 5 and 6.  The children have been wanting to watch these for **years**....and were so thrilled that we finally did (thank you for the DVDs, Steven!):

And we also went on our second annual Beach Bowling trip.  And this year G played also (he rode on my back in the ergo last year, as he wasn't walking yet):

E snapped this great picture of me!

The bigger kiddos helping G on his turn

With all the beaching it and soccer and other activities, during afternoon rest-time it wasn't unusual for the children to actually sleep:

LK was out on the balcony with me during afternoon rest-time...
I couldn't resist getting a picture of my big (little) baby napping

This IS his picture "smile"

When we were out on the beach, these two could usually be found on their boogie boards:

G loved playing on the sand and digging...

...until he'd spot me and then he'd make a bee-line for me!

LK still prefers the resort pool over the sand and beach....

...but she doesn't complain and handles it pretty well.

Although she would ask about every 5 minutes if we were ready to go get in the pool yet.

I love that we have a place we go to year after year that we all enjoy so much.  The children have already started talking about being excited to go back again next year!

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  1. Your kids are so adorable! Seeing a happy family like yours is very inspiring. It's good to hear that you spend quality time at the beach every year. Why don't you try going to the Philippines? Visit the famous Boracay beach and its pristine white sand. Hope you can make it here someday.



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