At the Beach

We're here...and our annual beach trip has officially begun.  

I wish I could include pictures of the gorgeous ocean-view I have right now as I sit on the balcony of our condo during afternoon rest-time.  Alas, our laptop is totally on the fritz.  I have no idea why, as it is only 10 years old....and I only left out out in the rain that one time. 😜

It hasn't all been pretty....but we're having a good time.  It has just been me and the five kiddos for these first few days.  Mom was supposed to come with us on Saturday, but wasn't feeling well and cancelled that morning.

As you can imagine, for this many people to be gone from home for two weeks, we practically packed everything but the kitchen sink (we needed to leave something for jas!). And when we arrived here the children and I got to unload the very loaded-up Silver Bullet by ourselves.  In the rain.

But oh, we love it here!  And I'm so thankful for the memories we're making!

Mom is now supposed to be here later today. And then Jas is supposed to come this weekend.  He will get to be here for a WHOLE WEEK (he's never been able to be here that long before)!

The older four continue to love the beach...and pool...and hot tub.  And G is just folding right in.  He loves ALL of it.  It took him about a day to realize that he didn't need to cry every time we left one fun area...because it just meant we were moving to do something else fun.  And I think he could sit and dig in the sand for hours, so he and I have been spending a lot of quality time together right at the edge of the water on the beach, digging with shovels and buckets, as the older four body surf or have a blast with their boogie boards right near us.

Ahhhh, thank you, Lord, for Your beautiful and amazing creation...and the ways you allow us to experience it!

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