That word "Free" always gets my attention!

When I went to check out one of my favorite blogs (Thank Your Body) I was thrilled to see that she is offering a free e-course.

I have been reading what Robin has to say for about a year and a half.  I really, really like her.  Her way of explaining things, her thorough research.  I can't recommend her enough.

I was so excited to see that she is introducing this e-course as a way to combine all the information she has shared (in 460+ posts) in a way that will make it easy for a newbie to take it all in.  It's a "back-to-basics" approach to healthy living.

And I love the format she is using:  Just enter your e-mail address HERE, and you'll get an e-mail every day for a month with a mini "lesson".  Easy Peasy.

And FREE.  Did I already mention that?

The course is divided into three parts:
Part 1: Real Food 101
Part 2: Living a Non-Toxic Life
Part 3: Moving for Better Health 
This course will hopefully direct you to making the best choices for your health, motivate you to keep at it, and remind you good health doesn’t have to be complicated.

I just signed myself up.  I know you want to sign up too...go click HERE. 

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