What We're Eating This Week: 11/10/13 - 11/17/13

I tried a new muffin recipe this morning.

Ummmm....yum.  Absolutely. Yummy.  All of us loved them.

Cinnamon Bun Muffins.  You can tell just by reading the name how yum they're going to be, right?

So, yeah, we have a new keeper for the breakfast recipes category.

How can something so decadent-looking and sinful-sounding be GAPS friendly?  Coconut flour, baby.

All of our baked goods are now made with coconut flour.  Biscuits, muffins, bread, pancakes, cookies, brownies.  I bought a 25-lb bag of coconut flour from Amazon over two months ago...and we're maybe 1/2 way through it.  Recipes that use coconut flour don't use much at all (ex. I made 24 large muffins and 24 mini muffins this morning...and for all of that I only needed 2 cups of coconut flour).

Gabriel is still eating Dairy, Nut and Egg-free, so his meals sometimes look different than ours, especially breakfast (yes, the rest of us eat a LOT of eggs here at our house!).  For the lunch and supper he usually can eat exactly what we’re eating. 

Being on GAPS, homemade broth and probiotic foods (sauerkraut, fermented carrots, etc.) is a BIG part of healing our guts and restoring optimal gut flora.  As such, we are supposed to include a mug of broth and at least a couple tablespoons of probiotic food with each meal.  We do this, (except this bad mama has let us run out of sauerkraut right now!)...so I'm not going to type broth and probiotic food on each meal below.

So, here is what we're scheduled to eat this week:

Cinnamon bun muffins, 2 eggs each (made a quadruple batch of muffins, froze leftovers to eat later)

Sunday's lunch
Artichoke dip (can of artichoke, drained and cut up, 1 c. homemade mayo, 1 c. parmesan cheese, bake 25 minutes at 350), apples, Colby Jack cheese, carrot slices, celery, (and one mini Cinnamon Bun muffin...have I mentioned that we love these?)

Chai Spiced Muffins, two eggs each

Venison Summer sausage, cheese, assorted fruit and veggies

Roasted chicken, Green beans, Roasted Cabbage

Three eggs each with sauteed onions and shredded cheese

Chicken Salad (with homemade mayo), assorted veggies and fruit

Pancakes, two eggs each

Leftover Chicken Lentil Stew

Amazing Irish Beef Stew (we'll use ground venison)

Three eggs each

Leftover Irish Stew

Roasted Chicken, Butternut Squash, Peas

Cinnamon Bun Muffins (leftover from Sunday), two eggs each

Chicken Salad (with homemade mayo), assorted veggies and fruit

Pizza (quadruple this Cheesy bread to make the crusts, using the GAPS modification listed at the bottom)

Pumpkin Spice Muffins, two eggs each

Tuna Salad (with homemade mayo), assorted veggies and fruit


  1. Made the muffins this morning and we enjoyed them as our dessert with lunch. YUMMY!!!

  2. Oh, Amy, aren't they SO GOOD?!? I may have to go grab one out of the freezer right now....



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