Eating Healthy: Roasted Cabbage

Don't close the window!

I seriously considered naming this post something else.  ANYTHING besides "Roasted Cabbage".  Just so people wouldn't close the window before they gave it the time of day.  Alas, my brain is so shot I could not come up with one other funny title to give this post...so "Roasted Cabbage" it is.

At the beginning of this year, I made a New Year's Resolution that we would try more vegetables this year.  Meaning that **I** would buy and attempt to make new vegetables this year.  We get in such a rut, and there are so many vegetables that we've never give a fair shake...or a try at all!

Hence, Roasted Cabbage.

Let me start by saying: We. Love. This.

If anyone had ever told me that I would even like, much less love, cabbage, I would have thought they were bonkers.  And the fact that my kids **love** this just makes me giddy!  I still can't believe it.

Start with one cabbage.

(just pretend that I have pictures here...as it never occurred to me to do a post about this until I already had the cut up cabbage in the dish today.)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Angle a knife all around to cut out the stem of the cabbage. 

Now cut through the cabbage vertically (1/2 in. to 3/4 in. wide), and then lay/spread the rings (or half-rings) in a 9x13 or 11x14 baking dish.  

Drizzle expeller-pressed coconut oil over all the cabbage.  (Expeller-pressed does not smell or taste like coconut.)  We buy our coconut oil here when they're having a free-shipping sale, which they do every few weeks.

Salt and pepper the cabbage slices and then pop the dish in the oven for 20-25 minutes.


Noah is not happy with me unless some of the pieces are black/very dark brown on the edges.  And I agree, when the cabbage is roasted long enough it becomes downright tender and juicy.

I wasn't particularly happy with the picture above, but my photo shoot was interrupted...

...when little hands started darting in to start in on the cabbage.

Last week when I roasted some cabbage for supper one night, I swear the children ate half the pan before I could even get it served onto the plates!

He looks real remorseful...

...doesn't he?

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