Daniel D is Nine


Danel Danel Bo Banel.

Danel D.

Danel Crockett

As many nicknames as we have for Daniel...he has weird faces for us:

While Daniel looks like he is crying and being tortured in some of those photos, I assure you, he was not.  This is D's idea of funny.  To torture **me**...when all I want is a good photo of my precious boy.

And I wanted a good photo because.....well, Daniel has gone and turned nine. (sigh)

What happened to the 2-year old little imp we just met yesterday?

Ah, yes.  That imp is very (very) much still there - every bit the imp he was on that day long ago...just a little taller now.

It may be hard to tell from these pictures, but D is almost always smiling and/or laughing.  You may be able to get a few serious words out of him, but not often.  But if you do get some serious words from him, they will invariably have something to do with the very grave subjects of Ninjago or Star Wars.  Or maybe Chima.  

Daniel is also always ready to talk about how fast he is...and how big his muscles are...and how high he can climb.  

So yes, this newly 9-year old boy is very concerned with being the biggest/best/fastest.

And you know what, Daniel?

We think you are the best.  And we are so grateful to the Lord that we get to be the parents of the biggest/best/fastest Danel D.  We love you, buddy!


  1. And that's why my soon to be 9 year old gets along so well with yours. They are so very similar! And where did you get his shirt? Samuel would LOVE a shirt like that!

    1. Hey Amy! Sure do wish that you and your three (soon-to-be 4!) lived closer to us...my kiddos had such a GREAT time with yours! We found that shirt (and a different Ninjago one for Noah) at JCPenney several weeks ago. Hurry...maybe they still have them!

  2. happy birthday Daniel. have a great one.

  3. Hi There. First of all, Happy Birthday to your son. I have been reading your blog awhile and don't think I have ever commented, but not sure. I am wondering if you could either answer here in the comment section or write a post about your GAPS diets results so far. I am interested in knowing if there have been any behavior changes in your children, sleeping changes, or allergy relief. I know your baby is doing better but I am wondering if it ha any effect on the older kids or even yourself. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Debbie...nice to "meet" you! I checked out your blog, you have a beaYOUtiful family...from the big kids, to the little girls, to your grands! Jas and I used to live in Colorado Springs...LOVE Colorado!

      You read my mind, Debbie. I have been thinking through an update post on our GAPS experience thus far. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks since we started. The good Lord willing, I'll do that update post this week...



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