I have mentioned my friend Anna many times. Our lives have - much to my delight - become intertwined over the past ten years: our families go to church together, we have taken turns adopting from China, we do Love The Least Ministry together, she is sometimes our own private nurse...and I happen to be one of Anna's biggest fans!

Love the Least team (L to R): me, Amy, Brenda, Anna and Kami

I did a post last year when they arrived home with their second daughter from China, Kate (fifth child total). Kate was five years old at adoption and she has just blown everyone away with her seamless transition into her new forever family.

 When they were here Friday afternoon playing and swimming, I asked Anna if Kate is ever not smiling, because I've never seen it.

Not long after Kate arrived home, as she gained the ability to communicate in English with her family...she began advocating for her special friend ChuChu back at her orphanage. ChuChu is a 10-year old precious girl - with a serious special need - that was a friend and caregiver to Kate at the orphanage.

"ChuChu need a mama." Kate would explain. "YOU be ChuChu's mama."

After much prayer and discussion, Anna and Hank decided that they were supposed to pursue adopting ChuChu. For the past 7 months Anna's family has been getting their dossier together, and they're almost done. And ChuChu's orphanage has been getting her paperwork together in China, and they're almost done also. There have been snags along the way - some big snags - but the Lord has opened doors that appeared shut tight...and things have progressed in a way that made it evident the Lord's hand is on this process.

And then....

Last week Anna received word that someone has called the local Civil Affairs officials in China to inform them that ChuChu has family in the area. The caller didn't/wouldn't specify who the family is. The family hasn't stepped up to give her a home. Or take care of her medical needs.

As you can imagine, e-mails went back and forth. And then while Anna and the kids were here Friday afternoon she got an e-mail saying that officials are afraid to proceed with the adoption for fear of being taken to court by the family...and "upper level leaders" now say that Hank and Anna cannot adopt ChuChu.

We had a powerful time of special prayer this morning at church, petitioning the Father on this precious child's behalf. He is not surprised by this, and He loves ChuChu more than anyone else could. He is the Father to the Fatherless and we are asking Him to work mightily on her behalf. We ask that ChuChu's medical needs be seen to, and that she be in a loving family...whether here or in China.

In Hank's words:
"Our hearts are heavy indeed and we feel like the breath has been knocked out of us. At the same time we know that we serve the Most High God who is sovereign over all that ever has been, that is, and that ever will be! And we know that if He intends for ChuChu to be our little girl it WILL happen. So please join us in praying for God to show us HIS GLORY. And we will give Him all the glory!"

Please pray, friends…


  1. Prayers for this sweet child!!

  2. Awww...this makes me so sad, but I am so thankful for Christians like Hank and Anna! Praying for them and Chuchu.



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