Lily Kay's Quarterly Shot

It was time again this week for Lily Kay's quarterly shot that holds her precocious puberty at bay.

She just loves these shots. Can't wait for them. She gets so excited when she knows it is time again. Gotta love those deep, IM (intramuscular) shots...

Did my sarcasm show through there?

Now that we've been able to switch from monthly shots to quarterly shots...it actually seems harder. I suppose she was more in practice and used to it when she had to do it monthly.

Well, no more.

The shot always arrives via UPS the day before the scheduled injection. All the children know exactly what is in that little brown cube of a UPS box. LK immediately goes into dejection and the other three start trying to cheer her up and on.

But she wasn't having any of it on Tuesday. She mentioned it I don't know how many times the remainder of Tuesday...and it was the first thing she mentioned upon waking on Wednesday (shot day). "I don't want a shot...."

Now our normal MO is to give the shot when daddy gets home from work on Wednesday. (I hold, he shoots.) But when LK was having trouble keeping her dejected lip off the breakfast table Wednesday morning - and I knew she would be feeling miserable all day dreading that shot - the Lord brought a better idea to mind.

Enter our dear friend, Mrs. Anna.

Anna is a nurse and is the one who originally taught Jas and I (o.k., Jas) to administer the shot. I texted Anna at 7:30 a.m. (I knew she'd be up and getting Jake and Caroline to school) to see if there was any way she could swing by our house and go ahead and give Lily Kay the shot.

Well, she did. When she showed up in her scrubs I thought LK might be scared, but true to LK-style she ran out to meet Mrs. Anna and gave her a big full-body (legs around Anna) hug. The shot was so quick (Anna pointed out that she has been doing this for 25 years) that LK didn't even cry (a first!). So, by 8 a.m., LK was done with her much-dreaded shot!

Miss Lily Kay practically floated around the house the rest of the day: "I didn't even cry - I'm such a brave gull!"

LK also went and picked up a picture of Mrs. Anna and her family off our fridge later that day: "This is him who gave me my shot!"

Yes, and we hope it is Lily Kay's last shot, actually.

We've started the process to get LK started on the subcutaneous implant that I mentioned here - it would be placed annually and would take the place of these quarterly shots. After talking with the Endo office a couple different times and getting our questions answered about the implant, we feel ready to proceed with getting that for LK...now we pray that our insurance agrees it is the way to go...

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