Interesting Few Days

Daniel started with a fever during the night on Monday night.

Lily Kay started with it Wednesday evening, just before bedtime.

Noah started with it during the night Wednesday night.

Daniel's fever is now gone and he is back to his mischievous, ornery self...and we pray that LK and Noah are right behind him.

Elisabeth and Gabriel escaped the fever, but...

Gabriel has what the orthopedic doctor believes is a hairline fracture at the bottom of his tibia (shin bone).

He took a spill yesterday, and while he is crawling just fine...he won't put any weight on his right leg, as shown in these two pictures.

That was not normal for him, so I took him to the doctor today. (Jas came home from work to be here with the sickies.)

The doctor says the x-rays look good and he thinks Mr. G should be able to heal fine without a cast, and we're praying that is the case.  

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