This Thursday afternoon...

...I'm working on and ruminating on these things:

- Picaboo is having an incredible sale on their photo books.  I often see them have a "Buy one book, get one free" sale...but this is a "Buy one book, get TWO free" sale!  WOOHOO!  But the deadline is Friday night.  SO, I've been busy in all my spare moments tweaking our profile book from Gabriel's adoption...getting it ready for this current adoption.  I finished last night, thankfully.  With the number of copies of our profile book that we need to send our adoption agency (so they can distribute them to all their social workers around our state), utilizing this sale to buy our books just saved us almost $500.

- And also because of the Picaboo sale, I may - or may not - be hurriedly trying to put together "2012" books for all the grandparents.  (Forget you just read that LaoLao and NaiNai!)

- The children and I just ran and made a donation to a local benevolence ministry.  Not money this time...trees.  Christmas trees to be exact.  When we got in the attic to pull down Christmas decorations several days ago, we were reminded that we have somehow collected not one, not two...but THREE fake Christmas trees over the years.  That embarrasses me.  But no longer.  Two trees just went to find new homes.

- I'm struggling with myself over this that I just read.  I have a long-standing love/hate relationship with coffee.  I drank it from 2005-2008...until my doctor (who is more holistic than most western doctors) recommended I quit.  I quit cold turkey.  Never brewed another cup.  Threw away our coffeemaker.  Until....Mr. Gabriel.  When G was 3 days old Jas came home with a coffee maker for me...and I've happily had two travel mugs every morning since then...and sometimes one during afternoon rest-time.  But I feel like it is not good for me.  Sure, coffee has some good qualities.   But not enough to out-weigh the bad.  I'm afraid it's time for coffee to go...(sniff)

- I'm very excited about the special service that our Love The Least ministry has coming up in three days.  We're having Larry Martin of International Justice Mission come to our town to speak about human trafficking.  It is admittedly a very tough topic to hear about...but we can't pretend it's not going on, even right here in America.  27 million slaves around the world today...more than at any other time in world history.  Worldwide there are 2 million children in the commercial sex trade.  I didn't know all this until recently.  But now I do...and I will be held accountable for what I do with that knowledge.


  1. Okay, is that going to be Sunday morning or evening? If evening I may try to come as I have been hoping to get to Sabrina's this week anyway.
    I haven't read the coffee article yet, but I'm not sure I want to. I have just really started to drink coffee because it warms me nicely in the mornings... Ugh! :)

    1. Hey Amy! THat would be so wonderful if you could come! The special service will be Sunday evening, starting at 5:30. But he will also be speaking that morning at both services at my church.

      About the coffee...I KNOW, argh! I will go back to drinking green tea in the morning, and I know I will come to love it again. It is especially good (and good for me!) when I stir in our raw, local honey also!

  2. Oh dear. I read the post about coffee, too. And I unsubscribed from that blog after that.
    Just kidding. :)

    1. HA! I thought of you when I read that post, Marissa! It was just last week that we were riding in my van waxing poetic about our love for coffee!

  3. I am sticking my head in the sand and not reading the coffee article. Hands over ears, eyes shut, "La,la,la,la,la!"

    Love you and will pray for the Least of These service.



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