Pinterest Finds, part 2

Have I mentioned my new-found addiction love affair with Pinterest???

Oh, yes...I have mentioned it.

Well, the love affair continues.

And what is even cooler is that now Jas has put the Pinterest app on my Ipad and it is so easy to use.  I do the vast majority of my perusing and pinning while I am nursing Gabriel.  (Btw, we purchased my Ipad refurbished through www.cowboom.com several months ago for a ridiculously low price.  thanks for that tip, Amy and Andy!)

Here are some of my latest Pinterest hits...and a miss...

I've found a new cute way to do the girls' hair.

I think it is so pretty...and unusual.

It is called a "Cascade" or "Waterfall" braid.

The instructions can be found here.  I found it very helpful to actually read the directions...I wouldn't have been able to replicate it if I'd only looked at the pictures.

And I mentioned here that I'd found an idea of a gift I wanted to make for sweet Abby for her Christmas-themed Wedding shower.  The shower was a week and a half ago, and here is the finished product that we gave her:

I snapped 4 or 5 pics of this...and Daniel has that goofy look in each one.  On purpose.
He thought that was hilarious.  I think I will go back to using Elisabeth as my model.

I originally saw the idea for this decoration here, but knew it could easily be changed into a Christmas decoration.  I just had to put my hands on some wooden plaques and letters, ribbon, a d-ring, cute scrapbook paper, red and green paint...and I already had mod podge.  The kiddos helped paint these and had so much fun.  We love you, Abby!

When I saw the pin for this recipe I knew immediately that I wanted to try it out.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  You blend a can of this...

...with yummy fall-inspired spices and get this mixture that you can add to your coffee:

Yum...right?  Well, not exactly.  I loved the combination of flavors.  The texture?  Not so much.  My coffee was...chewy.  I'd prefer to just drink my coffee...not chew it.  I'm deleting that pin.

And I never took a picture of my implementation of this next idea:  Homemade air freshener.  Pretty smell, without the toxic chemicals that are in most candles (this makes me so sad!) and air fresheners.  Good idea...right?  Well, if you follow the instructions that say to put 8-12 drops of your choice of essential oil, it works much better.  When I first made one, I thought "8-12 drops?  Oh, I'm sure I won't be able to even smell that...I'll go ahead and put 15...or 20!"  Bad idea.  I had a headache within very short order.  When Jas got home he found the offending jar of homemade air freshener on the carport floor right outside our door.  I left it there until I had time to empty and re-do it...this time only using 8 drops.  Aaaaaah...much better.

This next pin?

Oh MY!

It promised it would revolutionize my life - or my t-shirt drawers, anyway.  And it did!

I've redone mine and Jason's t-shirt drawers a couple weeks ago...and we. are. loving. it.  Why did I not think of this?

I had a Homeschooling Mamas' gab-fest meeting one night last week.  We always bring lots of yummy food to share and I had so much fun looking through my pins to see what I should try out on my buddies.

I settled on these because they looked yummy.  And well...because we had all the ingredients (am I the only one who sees dollar signs with every single decision I need to make?)

The original recipe called these "Pizza-on-a-Stick" and served these on lollipop sticks.  Call me boring...but I elected to skip the sticks.  I wasn't sure what to call them now:  Pizza Buns?  Pizza Rolls?  My mom called them Pizza Pinwheels...and I like that!

I used our bread recipe to make the pizza dough.  I made them again a few days when our sweet friends - the S family - came to play.  My family really enjoys them!

And - surprisingly to me - I've also found Pinterest to be a great place to find articles and information on healthier substitutions, homemade beauty products and general health information...like this right-on article about " 'Health' Foods to Avoid".

Next up...it's time to start working on all the Christmas crafts, Christmas food and Christmas gift ideas I've pinned recently!

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