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Our children sometimes make up their own words.  Not intentionally, mind you.  They think these are real words...even though we (over and over) correct them.

The following word used to be said quite often by our two oldest, but they have now realized the error of their ways.  But not before passing the word onto the younger two.  So now, quite frequently, you can hear D and LK use this word...closely followed by E, N and I saying, "That is not a word!"

But I want to record this because one day (probably very soon) this word will go out of vogue, and I will be glad...but also sad.

The newest entry in our Family Dictionary:

Butcept - (buht sept)

On the contrary; yet; excluding; save.  A combination of "but", and "except"

Example:  "I want to play outside, butcept it is raining."


  1. Yeah, see, if one of my kids said it, it would drive.me.crazy. but, coming from your kiddos......it's really cute!!

  2. I LOVE "butcept"! That is a totally useful word! I may have to start using that myself. :) I love my kids' made-up words. Most useful are "eartips" - those things you clean your ears with, and "underpit" - those places where you put deodorant. Hee. :)



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