Oh MY!

I have been very diligently and intentionally staying away from Pinterest for the past year...or two.  (I can't remember...when did the Pinterest madness start?)

It sounded to me like a way that I could easily lose too much time...time I don't really have to spare.

I stayed away...even when we were given the cutest "Diaper Trike" for Gabriel by Jason's co-workers...which Elizabeth H. found on Pinterest (it looked like this):

And I stayed away even when our sweet Ansley made the most precious burp rags for Gabriel...that she'd found on Pinterest.

I love these fabrics she picked out!

Every where I turned....every yummy recipe I tried...every neat craft I saw, it seemed my friends would invariably say, "I found that on Pinterest!"

So I've finally broken down.  Given in.

And I'm. loving. it.

It started a couple weeks ago.  I'm honored to be helping to host a bridal shower for sweet Abby after she gets home from China.  But, where to get ideas for a Christmas-themed bridal shower?  Pinterest, of course.

After a S.O.S. phone call to Melissa to figure out how to work the site (thanks, Melissa!)...I have taken off.  I even found an idea for a present I want to make myself for Abby and Michael...but I'm not giving it away, because I don't want her mama to see it.  {wave} Hey, Mrs. Carol!.  

I know I'll have to be disciplined with Pinterest, and any time I spend on there will have to follow the same rules I try to live by for any sort of computer time:  only during the children's afternoon rest time...or after they're in bed at night.  I'm doing well...and I think I can happily and prosperously coexist with Pinterest...and we'll all be better for it, actually!

So far I've tried these ideas that I pinned:

Spiced Almonds   Wow, these are were yummy!

Noah and I made them together a few days ago..

...and they were so, ahem, well received by everyone at our house...that it's time to make another batch!

And just this morning I whipped up a batch of this cough/cold home remedy that I found on Pinterest a few days ago, because Jas and I have been dealing with some sinus/cold gunk.

SO, all those neat recipes, craft ideas, organizational helps, and helpful homeschooling advice I run across on the web?  Now instead of just leaving many, many random tabs open in many, many windows on our computer (which Jas just loves, or not) I can just "pin" them to my pinterest boards...and have them ready when I have time to try them or read over them!

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  1. Ok, so now I need to go pin the nut recipe. And oh, anytime you need corrupting, just let me know. ; ). Love y'all!



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