It's Official!

And just like that - with in minutes of meeting in the private room - the judge declared that Gabriel's adoption is finalized.

We haven't had reason to think that we would encounter problems in Gabriel's adoption process...but, WOW, does it feel good to have this last official step behind us!

Looking at the above picture of our family, I am truly overwhelmed and thankful for what the Lord has done.  And it has been ALL Him.  Five children in 7 1/2 years.  Each child unique...and perfect.  The timing of each...perfect.

The last thing the judge said as we left the room was, "God bless you."

Amen.  He certainly has.


  1. Woohoo! So very thankful! And double Amen! Jesus is smiling! Love you all and that G man!

  2. Congrats.....I agree, when you get that final piece of paper taken care of, it like a big sign and you didn't every realize you were holding your breath. So glad it is official.

  3. This Picture and post brings tears of joy ~ What a beautiful Family~~~~



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