Weighed Mr. Gabriel Again

I took Gabriel to our local Health Department on Monday to have him weighed...and I liked what we found out.

I took him again Thursday and did NOT like what we found out. He lost weight. Not. good.

I was able to hold it together in the office. I waited until we got in the Silver Bullet before I started crying. Not trying to be overly dramatic...but I felt horrible, like I'd been starving my baby!

After I had myself a good cry, I called our Lactation Consultant. Jas and I had been supplementing with formula anyway (usually one bottle of formula a day)...but I wanted to find out from her how to supplement Gabriel even more, but in a way that wouldn't hurt my milk supply.

Here is our new feeding plan:

Alternate feedings. Nurse one feeding, bottle of formula the next feeding. And when I bottle-feed him, I pump.

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