I just found an oh-so-flattering picture on my camera that Jas evidently took last night. And in the interest of being transparent on my blog, I'm going to haul off and post it:

Newborn in the house = sleep deprivation for parents

Jas and I (and Gabriel!) settled in to watch an episode of our current favorite show last night after we put the children to bed at 8 p.m. (Warehouse 13, we stream it on our PC thru www.ch131.com)

I didn't make it very far into the show.

I always knew about (and dreaded) the sleep deprivation that would come with a newborn...but what I did NOT yet know and take into consideration - I don't mind it one bit! TOTALLY worth it!

(NOT that we'll mind it when he starts sleeping through the night...)


  1. Yes, very worth it, but still very hard at times. Or maybe you handle it better than I do! ;)

  2. Jolie - that is such a cute picture of you two asleep! Tells it all!

    janet and gang



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