Our Saturday Festival Fun

On Saturday we packed up and drove to a nearby coastal town's annual Festival that is sponsored by our state's Department of Natural Resources (DNR). How have we not known about this annual festival before?

We had fun...

...it was educational...

(Getting friendly with a live horseshoe crab)

...AND it was all free!

We got to see demonstrations of raptors...

...and live Indian dances...

...and climb on shrimping boats and Coast Guard boats.

The kids painted reef balls...

...and fish impressions...

We got to play with skeletons...

...and snakes..

...and more snakes.

We watched demonstrations that explained how fertilizers and pesticides contaminate our waters through runoff contamination:

We got to "catch" shrimp...

...pretend like we were a hermit crab...

...and meet a real live "Tongue" fish:

And, of course, a visit to a festival is never complete until you ingest sugar.

I just realized that I lied earlier: Not everything was free...we did have to buy our own snow cones.

This is not a lie: We will definitely be there when this festival hits town again next year!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. I love this "Fest" :)
    That's my cousin holding out the tongue fish in your photo!

  2. That is so neat, Marissa - he was super nice and GREAT with the children!

  3. What a neat festival - and all that for the price of the snow cones, not bad at all :)
    Here from Sunday Snapshot!



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