One Funny From Each Kiddo

We bought some blocks of cheddar cheese through our food co-op for the first time last month. The kids have been fascinated with the process of shredding it, which they've never seen before (poor deprived kids!). The other night I did some and they all wanted to get in on the action. Noah took a turn. Libeth took a turn. Daniel couldn't wait any longer...so he busted out: "Can I scratch the cheese?!?"


We were reading a book about bats the other day, and made a big deal when Daniel remembered the term "nocturnal" on all his own.

Noah then piped up: "We must be turnal. Since we're not nocturnal...we must be turnal!" (The correct term, btw, is diurnal.)


Elisabeth was having trouble with a math concept yesterday, thanks to our summer break where we (in contrast to my beginning-of-summer intentions) did not one lick of math. Once I reminded her how to do it, she immediately grasped it again, and said, while shaking her head: "When I was doing this, I was just in such a dizzy!"


Lily Kay has just started "math" for the first time. She is. loving. it! When she and I were about to start a new page, with a concept we were working on for the first time, Elisabeth interrupted (which she is not supposed to do, btw), and needed my help right. that. instant. with her own math.

When I turned back to Lily Kay and her math page a minute or so later, Lily Kay had already done the whole page! I looked at her, "Lily Kay! You do it!"

She replied, sheepishly, "I'm sorry. I accidentally did the whole sing!"

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  1. Did you know I love me some Libeth, Noah, Daniel, & Lily Kay???



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