Daniel's First Loose Tooth

With a start, Daniel realized the other night during dinner in Destin that he is, (drumroll please)..."a big boy!"

What caused this revelation?

He realized that the tooth that had been feeling funny was, in fact, loose!

I was sitting right across the table from him when the realization hit him...it was precious to see the look on his face!

See it? The bottom, middle left one....right there.

This boy is SO excited about this.

He has been wondering for a couple of years when he would start to loose teeth like his big sis Elisabeth and big bro Noah.

And while I've already been thinking for a while that he is "a big boy", this small sign seals the deal in Daniel's mind. He will tell you himself that he is now officially a BIG BOY!

He can hardly keep his fingers out of his mouth. And he wants every one else's fingers in there too..."Feel it, feel it!" I'm trying to balance my automatic feeling of "ICK!" with understanding his excitement.

Now he's driving us batty asking repeatedly if it's going to "come out today." And every night and every meal he's concerned it's going to come right out in the middle of his activities. (He doesn't want to miss it like Sal in One Morning in Maine!)

I just hope that sucker doesn't take too long to actually come out now!

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