Recipe : NON-Microwave Popcorn

This should not even count as a recipe...but if you're like me, you'll love knowing how to do this!

And your kids will love you knowing how to make this!

And I'm always on the lookout for things that will cause my kiddos to think I'm super-cool!

And while it doesn't scream Healthy Whole-Grain Snack - that is exactly what it is!

I had never in my life popped anything but microwave popcorn...UNTIL my friend Shanna taught me how to do this a year or two ago. (Well, o.k., I do remember a time or two while I was growing up, us cooking Jiffy Pop on the stovetop...that was fun!)

Popping popcorn on your stovetop is so easy. Just like Shanna told me it was.

I'd had Shanna explain it to me verbally at least twice...but then when it was time for me to actually try it at my house (during snacktime one afternoon) I called Shanna again: "Shanna, how do I do this again?!?!"

And she talked me through my first batch.

Here are the super-easy instructions:

1. Get a pot...

(this 3-quart pot makes a perfect size batch for my kiddos (and their mom) for after-nap snack time!)

...and some oil and some popcorn kernels. (It's best to buy organic kernels so that you can ensure they're not GMO. (Edited December, 2012: I've now started using Coconut Oil when making our stove-top popcorn.  I'm reserving my Olive Oil for low temperature recipes like salad dressing or hummus...but Coconut Oil is safe at higher temps)

2. Pour just enough oil into your pot to coat the bottom of the pot. (Lesson from the Voice of Experience: Do not skimp on the oil or you will burn kernels and they will stick to the bottom of the pan! I've got nice black marks on the bottom of my pan to prove it!)

3. Now pour in just enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pot.

4. VERY IMPORTANT: Put the lid on! (Unless you want a huge mess popping all over the place very shortly!)

5. Turn the burner on HIGH.

6. Turn the first burner off...and turn the correct burner on HIGH. (Feel free to skip right over step number 5, straight the step number 6!)

7. Now wait...and listen to kernels start to pop (...and watch if your cover is glass like mine). This part is NOT an exact science: You need to take the pot off before you start burning the kernels...but if you take it off too soon, you'll have lots of un-popped kernels. Do the best you can...and then do better next time!

8. Pour the popcorn into a big bowl that you have sitting ready...and shake some salt onto it:

9. Eat and enjoy!

A Yummy, healthy snack in no time.

My kiddos are very happy to eat this for their after-nap snack multiple times a week...and I can feel good about them doing just that!


  1. Thanks for this simple treat idea! We made it last night while watching movies. Had to make 3 batches to feed the extra kiddos at our house. They LOVED it!

    We need to get together soon!

  2. That's so funny that you had not popped stove-top popcorn until a few years ago :) I recently saw this post on Confessions of a Homeschooler (http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/2011/06/homemade-popcorn.html)
    She teaches us how to make homemade microwave popcorn.

  3. Yum, once you have fresh real popcorn, the microwave stuff never tastes good again. I use the stir crazy popper to make real popcorn and I love it! And for a sweet treat, you can add some sugar to the oil and kernals before popping and salt after popping and then you have delicious kettle corn like you get at the fair.



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