The Fun You Have When...

...your Great Aunt owns the restaurant:

You want to go back in the kitchen? Of course, come on...

Of course you can play with the money in the cash register....

...and play with it some more...

...and some more!
(They loved playing with the money...but then, who wouldn't?)

Want to play in the freezer? Sure!

Here, let me set you up on the shelves in the big fridge.

(This shot was totally my crazy Aunt Sheila's idea. And you can tell how much the children hated posing like this.)

Don't call the Health Deparment...I swear no seafood was harmed during the making of these pictures!

1 comment:

  1. A new name for Lily Kay's smile....It's the Mr. Freeze look! She does look like she is freezing!



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