Trip...and Scheduled Posts

We're going out of town.


In fact, by the time this scheduled post hits...we'll already be gone!

A few weeks into summer break I always feel this way: How did we ever have time to do school?

We'll be gone for a week, but I'll be using this opportunity to over use Blogger's "Scheduling" feature. So, new posts will continue to hit the blog everyday....voila!

And I'll also be using this opportunity to post a bunch of recipes I've been wanting to share, but I never have time to share recipes because I'm so busy posting about our life!

And when we get back home next weekend it will take me a while to get back into the swing...but I'll need to post about all the important things that happen while we're gone, like Elisabeth's 8th birthday, and Daniel's 4th Adoption Day...and the fabulous time we're most assuredly going to have this week!



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