Colorado Trip - 2011: Ice Cream Tour

We like to live a little on the wild side while we are on vacations, and one way we can do that (without eating whole meals out and totally blowing our budget up!) is to eat ice cream!


We practically went on an Ice Cream Tour around Colorado Springs!

One day (as we took our walking tour of downtown), I was delighted to find that an old, local, favorite of mine and Jason's was still there - Josh & John's Ice Cream Shop! They are "Naturally Homemade"!

We had fun watching them make their own ice cream:

They offer lots of different flavors, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are all y-u-m-m-y!

I got one of my favorites, Mint Chocolate Chip - and it wasn't even green!

Now that we've introduced the kids to it....

...we all love Josh & John's!

One day we visited Yo Yogurt!

Ok, I guess this isn't really - technically - ice cream. But, hey, the kids certainly didn't complain!

It's one of those place popping up all around the country where you serve yourself and then just weigh the results and pay by the ounce. Want five different flavors and twenty different toppings??? Fine, go ahead! (Just be prepared to pay for all that!)

The kids had. a. ball.

The parents had. a. ball. - for that matter!

And, (shhhhh!) we did this for lunch that day. Like, instead of eating real food for lunch, we went to Yo Yogurt. And it may have been my idea. Maybe....

And one day, in order to start getting our energy back after our rock climbing expedition (post to come on that), we stopped by good 'ole Baskin Robbins!

The kids hated it...you can tell.

But even at a place that offers 31 flavors, Daniel and Lily Kay (just like their crazy daddy!) get....

(drumroll, please)

Vanilla (they order "Banilla", actually)!

Aye - yi - yi! What are we going to do with these kiddos (and their daddy!)????

Daniel now says that the next time we go get ice cream, he will get chocolate. I'll believe it when I see it!

So, my kiddos definitely ingested more sugar on this trip than they are used to getting at home.

How do they handle it?


Totally fine.

They don't get crazy...

...and start hanging on people, or anything...

And we certainly wouldn't let them start dancing around inside the ice cream parlor.

Nope, we certainly wouldn't let them do that.


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  1. Too cute. And for the record...banilla is my favorite, too!



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