Colorado Trip - 2011: Fieldtrips

We had so much fun in Colorado Springs, with everything we did....and looking back on our trip, several of our excursions almost seem like Field Trips! Being the nerds we are, we just automatically fall into those sorts of things!

One night Jas told me that he was going to visit his brother Rob at his work the next morning, to see what he did. To which I immediately said, "I want to come too!"

So we all got to go to Armorology - 4-Wheel Drive Fabrication Specialists!

What does 4-Wheel Drive Fabrication Specialist mean?

You want your jeep or truck supped up? They're your guys!

You want a lift kit put on your vehicle? They're your guys!

You want your truck bed shortened (so you won't get stuck as easily when you go mudding?) They're your guys!

And while I found the whole thing absolutely fascinating (I kept thinking "How did my little Robert learn how to do all this and work all this machinery?")...I can't explain anything further, because I don't know all the correct terms!

After touring Uncle Rob's work, we met Uncle Jared and Nai Nai downtown for lunch at a yummy pizza place!

Then we walked Nai Nai back through downtown to her work. Here the kiddos are with Nai Nai at her "Home away from Home":

I think Nai Nai really just wanted to show off her grandbabies to all her co-workers!

From Nai Nai's work we walked a block over to this building:
This is where I used to work!

At the stock brokerage firm I worked on a Managed Money team. I had my series 7, 63 and 65 licenses and I prepared performance reports for our clients, and proposals for prospective new clients, and executed trades in the managed portfolios.

Looking back over that last paragraph, it reads to me like a different - and long-dead - language. It's hard to remember - and fathom - that that used to be my life! I made a whole lot more money back then...but now I'm storing up my treasures in Heaven! (Matt. 6:19-21)

(Felicia, I'm so bummed - why didn't you help me think to get a picture while we were there visiting?!?!?)

And then a couple days later, we took our lovely family to Focus On The Family!

Need parenting help? They gotcha covered.

Want to listen to a great daily radio show? They gotcha covered.

Looking for wisdom on whether you should let your child see that new movie? They gotcha covered.

Jas and I have long known and loved this ministry - from when we lived in Colorado Springs. When I was in my first-ever bible study at age 26 (when I became a Christian), I was the only one of us five girls who did not work at Focus!

And now that we're parents, it is fun to visit their visitor's center, Bookstore and Whit's end.

They have secret tunnels:

An indoor, multi-floor spiral slide:

A stage, with lots of dress-up costumes:

Guess which one of my "performers" loved getting on that stage:
FOTF's bookstore is where we purchased our cool new sticker that we put on the back of the Silver Bullet earlier this week.

And we also purchased some CDs of FOTF's radio show, Adventures in Odyssey....and the kids have really been enjoying listening to these in the Silver Bullet!

If we hadn't moved here to The Deep South, I was about to apply to work at FOTF (filled out an application and everything).

One of the biggest perks of working at FOTF?

This is the view from their parking lot:


  1. Joli,

    You are so right about FOTF. We were there for the Adoption Summit a few years ago. Breathtaking views and beautiful facilities. By the way--I like your new cool ride.

  2. Wow! You guys were busy...always the learners! :) I love you guys!



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