Colorado Trip - 2011: Girls, Girls EVERYWHERE!

So, I showed you a sneak peek of our family portraits from last week in Colorado.

The last time we were in Colorado (2.5 years ago), we also had family pics taken, and here is what the grandchildren looked like snuggled around Nai Nai (Granny) then:

Yes, Libeth was the only granddaughter...and she had been for years.

But no MORE!

In the last two years, 4 new grandchildren have been added...and every one of them is a girl!


We got to meet our newest niece/cousin, 5-month old Miss Ellington:

And Libeth loved her...and loved loving on her:

And Libeth loved watching Aunt Steph take care of her, and Libeth was always wanting to stick the paci in her mouth, and Libeth was fascinated watching Steph breastfeed Ellington (which caused at least one hilarious story that I'm just too proper to post on the internet!). (And while we have talked with our children about how we plan to breastfeed Lil Man, and the children have seen our baby cows nursing, I do so appreciate Steph introducing this in person to my children! Re-reading that last sentence, it sounds like I'm trying to be facetious, and I'm totally not!)

And both of these rat-tailed tooties are about to turn 2:
Lexi (left) and Esther (right)

They are so cute and so hilarious...and all my children loved them. It was so cute seeing all my kiddos hold their hands and try to help them...even my boys!

And then, of course, Lily Kay is the other precious little girl that joined the family in the past two years!

She was great and so sweet with Lexi and Esther...and she was fascinated by Ellington. It got me thinking, I don't believe LK has really been around babies. Not since she's been home...and they likely had the babies separated from her age group at the orphanage.

She had many questions:

"Why he not talk?" (yes, we continue to work on the he/she thing!)

"Why he not have teeth?"

"Why he not have hair...like Daddy?"

She will - soon enough - get a crash-course in babies!

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