Homeschool Group End-Of-Year Party

We had our homeschool group's 3rd annual End-of-Year Party Tuesday night.

Many new, wonderful families have (Praise the Lord!) joined our group since last year, so the children weren't able to do individual performances like last year's party. (This is more than fine with me and my kiddos!)

Instead, the children sang Children of God (by Steven Curtis Chapman).

And, not only did they sing it...

...they signed it also - thanks to Mrs. Vicki and Ava Laurence!

And then...well, what do all good Southerners do when they get together?


Our motto: "There's No School Like Home"

We had a couple of families that couldn't make it to the party...but other than that, here are my homeschooling buds:
A crazy-fun bunch of Jesus-loving, child-training, wonderful women!

And while a handful of us do bake our own bread...

...you won't ever catch any of us wearing denim jumper dresses!

I had trouble going to sleep last night, my mind was just whirling with thoughts of how absolutely blessed and thankful I am for these moms that I have the privilege of traveling this homeschooling journey with!

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  1. Watch it now...I've worn my share of denim jumper dresses...one with the entire alphabet sponged across the bottom. ;)



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