Welcome, Natalie!

I mentioned here last Friday that my friend Shanna was having her baby soon.

And indeed - Little Miss Natalie made her debut on Monday!

Vicki and I drove over to meet her on Monday after Jas got home. We ran into my friend Amy and her family visiting there also (Amy and Shanna happen to be sis-in-laws and friends).

Shanna was generous enough to let each of us take turns holding precious little Natalie.

Ahead of our visit I had been fearful that holding a baby might make me feel weepy or impatient for our Lil Man. And on the other end of the spectrum, I also hoped I wouldn't think "WHAT ARE WE THINKING?!?!" (I have never been a baby-lover like some of my friends, who want to go hold any baby that is near them!)

I was very happy to find, after having held Miss Natalie, that I felt neither of those extremes. I simply feel at peace with where we are, and content in knowing that the Lord will bring our next little one to us in His perfect timing.

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  1. She's so precious!! I can't wait to see her.



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