Not-So-Slight Change of Plans

We found out yesterday afternoon, that Noah's hernia repair surgery that was originally scheduled for June 2nd...is instead going to happen Monday.

Shifting gears

When we were called and offered this option yesterday, Jas and I agreed for several reasons.

Noah, however, does not agree.

He is having a hard time, and is understandably anxious.

When he was one and two-years old, he had two open-heart surgeries. At age 4, he had surgery to have a pacemaker implanted. And now, at 7, he is having an inguinal hernia repair.

Piece of Cake compared to his previous surgeries, right?

Yes...and no.

Physically, this is so no comparison to his previous surgeries...but mentally, well now, that is another thing.

He is 7 -
going on 57 - now. He knows what to expect. He knows what an "I.V." is and that it means pain. We've answered I don't know how many questions from this little guy in the past 24 hours...

Noah's surgery is scheduled for 2:45 on Monday afternoon...but we've been told it could happen a little before that.

Would you please join us in prayer for our precious little guy?

1 comment:

  1. Praying for Noah that God sends him His comfort to ease his anxiety, and that he has a very quick recovery!



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