Last Hoorah

I took our single stroller to the consignment shop on Friday.

I'm holding on to our double stroller...but this one we shouldn't need anymore, because (drumroll, please)...

My sister-in-law and brother are sending us their infant car seat and the stroller it goes with! (Thankfully, they don't have to ship it...my dad is there visiting them in Kansas right now, and he'll drive it back!)

Whew! Another biggie on our list of "Things We Need To Get Before Lil Man Comes Home" checked off! Thank you so much, Jeff and Mandi! Thank you, Lord!

But I can't help but feel nostalgic about this particular stroller. Not enough to hold onto it, mind you. (I am the Decluttering Queen, after all - and you don't get that title by holding on to stuff simply for sentimental reasons.)

But this was our first stroller.

The stroller we had when we first became parents.

The stroller that our first baby rode in...back when she was our only baby.

Elisabeth - newly home in August 2004
Apparently she was feeling a little nostalgic about the stroller also.

She asked if she could sit in it to finish up her math lesson when we were outside on Thursday...

I said "yes", of course.

One last hoorah...


  1. Hey you have to let me know some things you need and i will keep my eyes open.

  2. Those are bittersweet memories! It's hard for me to part with those firsts, too!



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