Lily Kay...remembering

Something has been going round and round in Lily Kay's little head this past week.

She's been talking about her surgery back in late October, and her time in the hospital.

This is the first time she has mentioned the surgery or any of her memories. The only thing I can figure is that this is on her mind alot right now because she and Elisabeth were sick again this week and she's seen me put on my "Nurses" cap again.

Here is what she has been saying this past week...over and over:

Lily Kay: "You remember dat? You get me feel better to the hospital. You get me feel better my baby! My peepee is hurting and I cwy and you get me feel better. You love my baby. (pause) Did you love my baby?"

Me: "I loved my baby...and I still love my baby."

Lily Kay: "You get me feel better to the hospital. I hungry...and I cwy...and you get me feel better. You love my baby."

While I am not entirely sure why this is on her mind so much right now...I am sure that I am very thankful that she apparently has good memories of me and how I helped her during that time.


  1. I see that she mentioned several times about you loving your baby. Perhaps there's mixed things going on in her mind - the thoughts of the surgery revisited due to Elisabeth and also the fact that she'll soon not be the baby anymore - wants to make sure you'll still love her. Ella has been reminding me more than usual that she is the baby (and then she'll kiss my tummy, but she wants me to remember that she is the baby!)

  2. Loved reading this Joli. Sounds to me that she really "got it" what having a Mama is all about. Blessings, Jennifer



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