Lily Kay is FIVE!

The day that Lily Kay thought would NEVER get here...finally did.

And now my baby is FIVE years old!

We started out her special day on Thursday by opening her presents from all of us first thing in the morning...real early so that daddy could be with us before he headed to work. (And the first pictures make it obvious that she opened presents early enough that I had not done her hair yet!)

She likes the Gears!Gears!Gears! set that mama and daddy bought her.

The other children picked stuff out of their stuff to give to their little sis (now that's my kind of recycling!)...it was so sweet to watch! She loved all of it!

Noah gave her his kitty, and frog, alligator and doggy. And $2.

Daniel gave her his little bear and $1.

Elisabeth gave Lily Kay her horse and $2.

While I truly think that Lily Kay would have been fine "doing school" on her birthday...the older children convinced me otherwise: "It's not fair to do school on Lily Kay's birthday!"

So, just one of the many perks of homeschooling: The principal and teacher decided that we would not have school on Thursday!

After breakfast we headed to one of Lily Kay's favorite places around here:

"The Bounce Place".

She often asks me "When we gone go bounce???"

She loves it!

They all do!

Elisabeth spent much more time playing air hockey and fooz ball than normal, since her energy is still not back yet.

Then for lunch we headed to our family's favorite eatery:

And for our special supper that night, Lily Kay chose hot dogs (her favorite food!), ham, doritos, sauerkraut, and tomatoes...all served on Dora!

Just like on Noah's special day five days previous, Lily Kay received many birthday wishes from our friends and family via the phone and personal visits...

But unlike Noah's special day, we remembered to take a picture of daddy and I with Lily Kay on her special day!

Happy 5th Birthday, precious girl - we love you and are so blessed to be your mama and daddy!



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