Noah is SEVEN!

We had a wonderful, relaxed day on Saturday, spending time with friends and family...celebrating our precious Noah.

Our little old man is 7 now!

Much of the time, Noah thinks and acts more like a 47-year old than a 7-year old!

One example...for his birthday we knew that this precious boy (who has been collecting quarters for months now) would love these two gifts we'd picked out for him:

The State Quarters Collectors Map and the National Park Quarters Collector's Map

And we done good!

We have decided not to do formal "Birthday Parties" for the children anymore...but just celebrate the child's special day all day with just our family.

The child gets to pick out what kind of cake (or cupcake, as Noah chose) and icing they want.

(Elisabeth was running a fever and in bed alot on Saturday...but you know Miss Sweets roused up with great interest when she heard it was time to ice the cupcakes! Noah and Elisabeth had such a good time doing this together!)

And the birthday boy got to pick out our special supper for the night:

Ham ("Lao Lao's ham", specifically)
Served in Star Wars party goods (his pick, which I find funny since he's never seen the movie!)

Noah had fun receiving Birthday wishes all day...

...from those that are far away...

...and those that live closer.

It was so sweet of our friends and family to stop by...

...to love on our boy with us!

Not until I was uploading these pictures for this post did I realize...

...that we never got even one picture of me or Jas with Noah on his birthday!

But I promise we were there, buddy - we wouldn't have missed it for the world!

We love you, Noah!


  1. Happy Birthday Noah!!!

    Morgan has the state quarters collection holder. I didn't know about the state parks- maybe that's a collection for another child!!

    Glad Elisabeth is on the mend also!! Blessings, Jennifer

  2. Happy Birthday Noah! Looks like it was a fun-filled day!



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