They "Get It"

Did I mention how absolutely wonderful it was to be at the retreat over the weekend surrounded by 250 other people who "get it"?

"Get it" is how adoptive parents describe people who understand adoption and the orphan crisis.

Some people just "get it"...and some people make it painfully obvious that they just...don't.

The stares and comments that we get when we're out make it very obvious, very quickly, whether someone "gets it" or not.

Mostly we get smiles...and sweet comments: "What a beautiful family you have!" "You're children are precious!" "You are so blessed!"

Thankfully, most of the people who don't "get it" keep it to themselves...so I really don't have examples of what they say.

But one comment I have heard recently - an extended family member said this to my mom, not even to me - after we announced we were adopting again a couple months ago: "They can't help all of them!"

No, unfortunately, we can't. Oh, how I wish we could.

First, this is a matter of obedience. The Lord commands all believers to care for orphans. (James 1:27...and about 40 other verses) There are lots of ways to care for orphans...but, wow, isn't the best way to bring them right into a family that loves them?!?

And,by golly, we certainly have room for more here.

Room for more in our house.

And certainly room for more in our hearts.

This video was created for the retreat and shows many, many beautiful families who "get it."

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  1. No, we cannot help them all, though we wish we could, but we surely are blessed by those we do. And in an amazingly unexplainable way, they help US!



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