Speech Therapy...and Ava Laurence's Surgery

My boys have recently started back doing Speech Therapy.

They've been asking for it.

Missing it.


Not if Mrs. Vicki is your therapist!

Mrs. Vicki is my dear friend...who also happens to be a phenomenal speech therapist. She has done twice-weekly speech with the boys in the past...and then, for a while, well...life happened.

Umm, let me see.

Their Ava Laurence came home.

And then our Lily Kay came home.

And then Ava Laurence had surgery.

And then Ava Laurence had another surgery.

And then Lily Kay had surgery.

And then Ava Laurence had another surgery.

And then Daniel had surgery.

And then...

And then...

We started back.

The boys are doing great...and having a great time.

But then...it's Mrs. Vicki...of course they're having a great time!

Truth be told, Elisabeth and Lily Kay are both jealous that they don't get to do speech with Mrs. Vicki!

On the most recent Goldman Fristoe Articulation Tests that Vicki gave the boys they each did so good that if we had the kind of insurance that covered speech (which we don't), our boys would not qualify to receive speech therapy. (This is a big change from their first test results a couple years ago. Told you she was great!)

But the boys still could use some help on a few little things.

Weally...they could.

So, we're trying to squeeze as much speech in as we can because now, well...

We're adopting again...and...

They're adopting again.

And this time they're adopting not one, but TWO cuties from China (as of 9/1/10 China will now allow you to adopt two children with SNs, under certain circumstances).

And these two cuties? Are both 3 years old.

Yes, they're adopting two three-year olds!

Ava Laurence was 4 1/2 when they adopted her.

And now...they're adopting not one, but TWO...THREE-YEAR OLDS!

All of us other moms in our adoptive group, and our homeschooling group are so happy and encouraging and supportive and we smile at Vicki...and then we snicker: TWO THREE-YEAR OLDS!

All kidding aside, Vicki and Billy will do great...and Ava Laurence is going to be a fantastic big sister (of not one, but TWO THREE-YEAR OLDS...did I already say that?). We can. not. wait. to meet Mr. Will and Miss Sophie!

But of more immediate concern...Ava Laurence is having surgery again tomorrow (Wednesday). Praise the Lord, she is having her first Cochlear Implant insertion surgery!

Vicki has just recently started a blog. And I for one could not be happier. With the way the Lord has used Vicki to speak wisdom and peace and encouragement into my life...well, I just want to soak up all the "Vicki" I can get.

I know that Vicki and Billy would appreciate prayers for Ava Laurence and her surgery. To soak up some "Vicki" and get updates on precious Ava Laurence click here.

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