An Oldie But Goodie

Eilsabeth and Noah have been talking about this old story alot lately. I have no idea why. Well, besides the fact that they think it is very funny.

Since it occurred back in our pre-blog days...I wanted to record it here.

The setting: We were very recently home with Noah. Noah was 1 year old, Elisabeth was 2 years old.

It is the night after the night that Noah went...ahem, poop in the tub while he and Elisabeth took a bath together.

Elisabeth did not think that was a cool trick.

So, they get in the tub together the next night...and Elisabeth decides to take it upon herself to set little Noah straight about this.

They're sitting there, facing each other in the tub. Elisabeth takes Noah's face in her hands, to make him look at her.

Elisabeth: "Look me, Noah. No may-am poopoo tub!" (may-am = ma'am for you non-Southerners)

I about bust a gut...and the story would have been great even if it had it ended there...but it didn't...

Noah...my little precious 1-year old Noah who could not possibly have understood what Elisabeth said - but already asserting his independence from his tyrannical big sis - did not take the face-holding and commands too kindly. SO, he took two handfuls of water and splashed them straight up into Elisabeth's face.

And these two, thankfully, both find this story very funny over 5 years later. It's now their turn to bust a gut over the incident!

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