CNY 2011

First, a little rabbit trail:
The very first post I did on this blog was a year ago, for
Chinese New Year 2010.

Wow - time has flown. And alot has happened. Enough to write 311 posts about.

I am much more prolific than I ever dreamed I'd be...I apparently have alot to say.

(Now, I don't claim to have alot worth listening to...just alot to say!)

Back to CNY 2011...

We had a great time!

The children have always had a good time...but they have started to really look forward to this event and appreciate it in it's own right.

The party follows a very predictable pattern every year...but hey, it works, so why reinvent the wheel?

There are crafts...

It is now the Year of the Rabbit

And performances by different groups of children, from younger children to older...

There is a silent auction, and raffle, supper (mostly Chinese, with the obligatory Mac-n-Cheese thrown in) and a yummy ice cream sundae buffet that is always a hit with my crew! (And by "crew" I of course mean mama and daddy too!)

And the grand finale is always the Dragon Dance!

After the dance on the stage every year, the dragon comes down and makes its way around the room, much to the delight of the children (well, except those children who are totally freaked out by the dragon). And while not outright freaked-out by the dragon, Daniel had definitely been very wary of the dragon in the past. He watched the dragon dance and its slow promenade from Jason's shoulders last year. But not this year. He told me he wanted to follow it around the room with E and N...and he did! My little guy is not so little anymore!

I have more to post about our CNY weekend...but it will have to wait for later (maybe Wednesday...I don't blog on Tuesdays. It's alright, call me anal...I have to be!).

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