Driving Me CRAZY!

My kiddos have been driving me CRAZY these last few days!

Last week and a half, really.

A week and a half ago is when we told them that we're heading down to stay with our friends, the S Family, and go to the Chinese New Year party with them.

Elisabeth and Noah have the countdown thing figured out...so they don't ask over and over.

But Daniel and Lily Kay? They have been asking OVER and OVER: How many more days until we get to go see Natalie and Neeleigh???

And Daniel has been so funny about this. He's apparently been worried that we won't be ready to head down there. He was bugging, er...reminding me for days that we should go ahead and pick out all of their traditional Chinese silk outfits that they will wear to the party this weekend. So, we did. (It was actually a great idea, and I'm glad that we got that settled days ago.)

But then he wanted us to go ahead and pack everything for the trip. Several days ago! Where did this child come from? (Don't answer that!) His mama is a procrastinator. I don't pack for trips until the night before...even when I am as excited as I am about this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. That's just funny! I'm glad you are going crazy, too!! :)

    And, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL time!



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